Updates Inbound | 3/17/2013

Wow, havent made a new post in over a year. So heres one for the year of 2013. Some of you might know that I was trying to sell the website but after a few months of thinking about it, Im going to keep it. So expect updates to quests, raid data, map info, and any other suggestions you guys give me.

On the topic of quests. If anyone would like to donate there time and help me, it would be more than appreciated. All you really need to know is simple HTML and can follow the simple format of the way quests are written. If you would like to help out, you can find me in #owdb on quakenet.
Quests | 2/19/2012

People have been asking me about updating quests and I dont really have any ambition to update quests anymore. A lot of you have offered to help also, so ive uploaded the quest layout page which you can DOWNLOAD HERE and update or write any quests and then contact me somehow (look at staff page to see ways to contact me) and ill update or add the new quests that you have submitted.
Site Updates and Upgrades | 12/22/2011

War of Zhul Shadow Wave page added.

The Quest page has gone through a major upgrade. Now when you are logged into your account, you are able to check off which quest you have completed. This should help you be able to keep better track of what you have finished already. A search function will be added the to the quest page very soon. Also I know the quest page is lacking the newer quests, they will be added asap.

You can expect more upgrades coming to the site in the future.
Item Database | 4/10/2011

Its finally here, and first off a big thanks to bluedthunder for coding it. It can be found under Items in the navigation. You are also able to link directly to an item by clicking on it within the database.

Sometime later on you will be able to sort the items by highest atk/hp/rage/exp/ect... Also some items under the Shield slot may not have the correct Block %, there was an error when some of them were added to the database, so if you see one please get in contact with Shady.

Lastly if you are going to submit items into the database please follow the guidelines listed in red on the Gem Calculator page.